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Why so many cats in morocco

Why so many cats in morocco


Cats of Morocco

lunch time: Essaouira fishermen never forget to give street cats their booty share.

This one was bathing in the sun, in a narrow back-street of Essaouira

This cat was observing the hectic activity of one of the merchant streets of Essaouira,

"smell's like someone is cooking something delicious"

These two cats did not mind or noticed the passers-by. Tourists even have

Group of cats: most cats I saw in Morocco were hanging around on their own

Image Image Image

So, what's with all the cats?

On the road to the Atlas mountains, somewhere in the Ourika Valley (we made

Erica Valley, Morocco: Curiosity is an inseparable trait of cats' personality

Cats and dogs in Morocco. Comment are off

In a Berber village lost among the mountains of the Atlas: I guess these kitten

Since there are so many cats, they reproduce at an alarming rate. We often play the (twisted) game: โ€œwell fed or pregnant?


Cat sitting in a small fishing boat in Essaouira

Sleepy cat on a traditional couch - Ourika Valley, Morocco

The Cats of Fez โ€” Les Chats de Fรจs

Since there are so many cats, they reproduce at an alarming rate. We often play the (twisted) game: โ€œwell fed or pregnant?

Group of cats sitting in the sun in the Medina of Marrakech, near the El

Door guards of Chefchaouen.

Transmission of this virus to other animals and humans can occur through the saliva of cats. Rabies is a serious problem in Morocco.

Cats of Morocco

Street Cats in Morocco

fes cats

Are cats cleaner than dogs?

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In a culture such as Moroccan, in which religion is a fundamental part, it is advisable to look for an Islamic base to all entrenched customs.

Sand Cat

Sand Cats 1

Street cat in the sacred town of Moulay Idriss in Morocco.

chefchaouen blue city streets houses morocco cats


Ah, but where to go? Having visited most of the European countries (Greece, Netherlands, Belgium, Turkey, Hungary, Austria to name a few) as well as a few ...


Fun idea, ask around why there are so many cats when you get to Morocco.

The Marrakech Tannery Scam: Our Worst Experience in Morocco

Before it was a Roman city though, it was a Carthaginian one. After that, we went to lunch at a really yummy restaurant. We had tomato and onion salad first ...

Kitten in Meknes.

Cats of Morocco

So, i went back to Morocco. where there are so many pretty cats, amazing colors and the most beautiful landscape. more photos to come.

These cats are tired after a long day. It was around 100 degrees when this photo was taken. So sleepy!

This is neither an overstatement, nor an exaggeration of any sorts. One may even see a wandering tabby before they step outside of the airport - or atop ...

Rescued from the rubbish tip: saving the stray kittens of Azemmour - The National

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With respect to dogs, the stories are usually a little more disparate. One indicates that if a dog walks through the desert, being a scavenger, ...

We see them in boxes, shelves and in doorways. Did you know most cats in Morocco are stray cats? The cats love it here because there are so many fish here.

This little lady reminded me so much of my cat Biryani it was uncanny. She was also very sweet and we clearly took a shine to each other as she didn't leave ...

Yes, it almost inspires a panic attack to think of spending just five days in Morocco when there are so many incredible cats to see!

One of the many Moroccan cats I photographed. I took a lot of photos so made a whole new post dedicated to them, Cats of Morocco.

Nap time in Essaouira.

Rabat was different from Idaho in so many ways - countless ways, it seemed. Everyday after school, it seemed I would encounter something new and strange.

Goats in an argan tree

So here's how and why I became the accidental cat rescuer! In 2008 I bought a little house in Azemmour, Morocco. I imagined it would be a lovely place to ...

SO MANY CATS in Morocco. Seriously, cats everywhere. #catscatscats #morocco #

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Tips for Morocco - Moroccan Time is a things

When a representative of the feline race decides to go somewhere it does not care whether

Morocco is the best place to shop for your home. There are so many beautiful

So many cats in Morocco (not complaining)

Cats of Morocco

... is likely that they prefer an animal with greater independence and able to move and integrate in all corners of the city, than one that depends too much ...

Rescued from the rubbish tip: saving the stray kittens of Azemmour - The National

Perhaps it is a hygienic question: Islam, like many other religions, besides concerns on morality, also tries to intervene on public health.

Fez medina cats, Fez Morocco

Kitten looking out into the harbour at Essaouira, Morocco.

The relationship between Moroccans and cats throughout the city is an interesting one. While some

Sand cat / chat des sables (Felis margarita margarita), Merzouga, Morocco,

Argan's nut - In some parts of Morocco, argan takes the place of the olive

Isn't this #Moroccan cat so cute? Chefchaouen ๐Ÿฑ๐Ÿฑ๐Ÿฑ _ Follow Us ๐Ÿ‘‡_ @catmorocco ๐Ÿˆ . There. Are. So. Many. Cats. In. #Morocco. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ If you #love cats, ...

Morocco Travel Tips: 21 Things You Must Know Before Visiting Morocco.

The funny thing about Morocco that totally surprised me was the presence of the cats.

Cats of Morocco

Travel vaccinations for Morocco

So. Many. Cats. In. #Morocco. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ If you #love cats, you should definitely #visit Morocco! It's like a cat heaven.

Cats of Morocco

There are so-so many cats in Morocco

One of my favorite interactions in Morocco was when a street cat in Essaouria greeted me affectionately, wrapping herself around my lower legs, ...

cats essaouira street morocco

Out of the Shadows, the Wildcats You've Never Seen

The Truth About Morocco's Blue City, Chefchaouen

The fresh food was particularly cheap and so tasty โ€“ it didn't have the flavour bred out of it, as so much food in the West seems to these days.

Cats of Morocco

Chefchaouen_City Nibbler_Morocco

An Adventure to Marrakech, Morocco

Cats in Morocco

Not the friendliest-looking of cats.