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Nokia cell phone 2003

Nokia cell phone 2003


Flashback: to 2003 Remember these? Just started with color Miriam's first cellphone: 2003 pink Nokia cell phone - Novel: Irony of Time: Get it Now! ...

The Nokia 3310 from 2000 sold 126 million units

Nokia 3210

Customisable covers helped popularise the 8210 3330 Nokia phone

One of the “it” gadgets from 2003-2004 until BlackBerries overtook them in popularity. Three or four days between charges and a successful merger of phone, ...

https://flic.kr/p/Eqoz6A | Nokia 3660 (2003

most sold phones

2003 - Nokia 2100

Russian keyboard Nokia 3310 Original cell phone unlocked

Nokia 3600 (2003)

1999's 8210 represented a huge accomplishment for Nokia's engineers. The tiny handset had an internal aerial — an unusual feature in 1999 — and weighed just ...

Nokia 6360 - cellular phone - AMPS / D-AMPS review: Nokia 6360 - cellular phone - AMPS / D-AMPS

Nokia Expression category: Nokia 5110, Nokia 3210, Nokia 3310, Nokia 3510i

If flying to the moon with a mobile phone made sense, you'd be flying to the moon with the Nokia 6310i – the Omega Speedmaster of the mobile phones. In 2003 ...

nokia 7600

Nokia 3510

Costing a hefty £400 on its 2003 release, the Nokia 6600 was targeted predominantly

The Nokia model is the most requested phone in history: 250 million copies were sold since it went on sale in 2003 and until it was discontinued in 2007.

(Closed) Just for fun – post your cell phone timeline!

It's not even a smart phone, but the little Nokia 1100 has sold an amazing 250 million hand sets since its release way back in 2003.

most sold phones

Nokia 5180 Nokia 5180

... Nokia 6010 Dual Band 850/1900 GSM Cellular Phone (US Version)

The Nokia N95 was the first non-candybar smartphone to sell over a million

$900, Nokia 6160

Nokia nokia through the years the best and worst phones in pictures image 10

2000 – Nokia 3310

Nokia 3220 Unlocked Cell Phone with Camera--U.S. Version with Warranty (Silver)

Nokia Classic category: Nokia 6110, Nokia 6210, Nokia 6310i

First GSM Phone: Nokia 101 (1992)

The ...

Nokia 7610

Nokia 6810

Image caption The N-Gage was Nokia's attempt to break into the handheld gaming market, released in 2003. Not as popular as expected due to limited number of ...

Nokia nokia through the years the best and worst phones in pictures image 25

2003 - Nokia 6600

7 Cell Phones From The Early 2000s Everyone Loved, Because You Never Forget Your First Nokia


Released mid-2004, the 7610 baffled users' thumbs everywhere thanks to a distinctive keypad layout.

Reduction in size of Nokia mobile phones. Left to right: Nokia 638 (1996; 19.06 cm height), Nokia 2160 EFR (1996; 16.42 cm), Nokia 5160 (1998; 14.84 cm), ...

Nokia 6800

Nokia 8310

The Nokia 3310 and 11 other classic Nokias we loved

The Nokia 1100 may not look like much, but the numbers don't lie: With 250 million sold since late 2003, the Nokia 1100 is the most popular cell phone of ...

From the fruit-shaped oddity that was Nokia's 7600 to the flippable Motorola Razr, these are the classic cellphone designs that hold a special place in our ...

Nokia 5110

Original Unlocked Nokia 3100 GSM Bar 850 mAh Cheap Cellphone mobile phone red

7 Cell Phones From The Early 2000s Everyone Loved, Because You Never Forget Your First Nokia


The Nokia N70 was the first smartphone to sell over a million

3100 Original NOKIA 3100 Cell Phone Refurbished Supports Russia

In 2003, Nokia (nokbf, +0.00%) launched the N-Gage, a hybrid device that tried to bridge the gap between mobile entertainment and communication by being ...

In 2005 the Nokia N90 landed to take the camera phone to new heights. Not only did it boast a 2MP camera, it also had Carl Zeiss optics, autofocus, ...

... change the cover of the phone and customize your ringtones. It was aimed at the youth market and it paid off! Nokia's 3210 sold over 160 million units.


Unlocked Nokia 1100 GSM 900/1800 Classic Mobile Phone Vintage Cell Phone

Nokia 610

In the same year, the company also launched the Nokia 8110 slider phone. Nicknamed "banana phone", the device featured in the popular 1999 science fiction ...

The Nokia 1100, a monochrome bar phone, is reported to be the best selling phone ever, having sold over 250 million unites since 2003.

2006 – Nokia N95

The Nokia N-Gage is well remembered by teens of the 90s as an incredibly hyped but ultimately disastrous gaming-focused phone. The phone-style buttons were ...

Nokia 6.1 (2018) - Android One (Oreo) - Upgrade to Pie -

18 A 30 Year History of Nokia Phones

Nokia 6680

If Cell Phone Commercials Were Honest

Nokia Cell Phones are also very famous for its high quality sound and not just that, but Nokia mobile prices in Pakistan are very affordable as well.

Old Nokia Models Pictures

What To Do With An Unwanted Cell Phone

photo source: maxbhi.com

Samsung produced the first 5-megapixel camera phone, but the first one to prove really popular was Nokia's N95. It was a chunky slider packed with features, ...

Fig 38 nokia-n92

Launched in the second quarter of 2003, Nokia 6600 was one of the most popular smartphones ever. The 6600 belonged to Nokia 6xxx Classic Business Series of ...

This year 5 phone crossed 12 millions sales

The cell phone had color display, a Spreadsheet feature and polyphonic built ringtones. It was available in a range of colors including Tin Gray, ...

The Resurrection: Palm Pre (2010?)

Nokia 6810 (2003)

New Nokia 3310 Vs Original Nokia 3310


The Nokia 3300b, released in 2003, played music

Nokia nokia through the years the best and worst phones in pictures image 8

The 20 best-selling phones of all time

With Apple launching its first-generation iPhone in 2007 and the growing popularity of touch-screen phones, Nokia outed its first all touch smartphone in ...

I've decided to reclaim my life – by using an old Nokia phone

7600 phone

nokia 3210 old cheap phone

The Mobira Cityman 150, Nokia's NMT-900 mobile phone from 1989 (left), compared to the Nokia 1100 , a GSM phone from 2003.

Ericsson T68

2002 – Samsung SGH-T100

In this year around 1000 plus million units got sold

Nokia 3310

nokia 3200 - my first cell phone! Circa 2003 :)