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Cycladic figurines of humans are predominantly

Cycladic figurines of humans are predominantly


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Female marble figurine, Kapsala type (EC II, 2700–2600 BC; British Museum)

Marble female figure Marble female figure · Marble seated harp player ...

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Marble female figure

Female marble figurine from Naxos, Louros type (EC I–II, 2800–2700 BC; Ashmolean Museum, Oxford)

Cycladic art

... Marble female figure ...

4/4 Male figurines

Cycladic idol, Parian marble; 1.5 m high (largest known example of Cycladic sculpture. 2800–2300 BC

Marble head from the figure of a woman

Cycladic marble figurine from the cemetery at Koumasa, in south-central Crete. Photo: Museum of Cycladic Art

Female marble figurine from Crete, Koumasa variety (EC II, 2800–2200 BC; Archaeological Museum of Chania)

Cycladic art

The human form in the Early Cycladic Culture

Early Cycladic II (Keros-Syros culture, 2800–2300 BC)[edit]

Cycladic figures and head. Spedos type. EC II Marble Height of larger figure: 25 inches (Museum of Cycladic Art, Athens)

The function & meaning of the Cycladic figurines

(Unknown, Figurine of a woman from Syros, Greece, ca. 2500-2300 BCE, Marble, Cycladic Art) Most cycladic sculptors would sculpt women with their arms ...

Cycladic Female Figures

Marble harp Player (EC II; Badisches Landesmuseum, Karlsruhe)

Male figurine, Spedos variety (Early Cycladic II period, ca. 2600 BC).

Female marble figurine, probably from Amorgos, Dokathismata variety (EC II, 2800–2300 BC; Ashmolean Museum)

Marble seated harp player Period: Late Early Cycladic I–Early Cycladic II Date:

Cycladic marble figurine, Plastiras type

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How Cycladic Sculpture Influenced Modern Art, from Brancusi to Modigliani - Artsy

Female marble figurine, Chalandriani type (EC II, 2400–2200 BC; British Museum)

Early Cycladic I (Grotta-Pelos Culture, 3300–2700 BC)[edit]

Large Female Figure with Incised Feet 2500-2400 BC (left) Female Figure with

Greek Cycladic Sculpture

Greek Cycladic Sculpture

Cycladic figurines Yale

The Early Cycladic Figures

Marble figurine of a man of the 'hunter-warrior' type.

Male figure wearing bandoleer, marble statue from Syros, Greece, Front, Cycladic culture, 3rd millennium BC

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Harp Player, Early Cycladic 2700-2300 BC. Getty Villa, Pacific Palisades,

Cycladic Head Sculpture · Cycladic Figurine c. 2400 BCE

Raw Materials

Tools & Techniques

Head of Figurine Early Cycladic II period 2800-2300 B.C. Abstract Sculpture, Sculpture Art

Cycladic female figurine, early Cycladic II, Spedos-type. ca. 2700-2300 BC

Image: Cycladic figurine

Excavation on Keros aims to solve riddle of Cycladic figurines

The context for Cycladic marble figurines has been mostly destroyed - their meaning may never be understood.pic.twitter.com/UR0tij1YKC

Cycladic figurine, sample of the Cycladic civilization in Greece (kanvag / Adobe Stock)

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Cycladic “frying pan”, terracotta with stamped and cut spirals decoration (EC I–II, c. 2700 BC, Kampos phase)

... Terracotta jug Terracotta jug

1/2 Cycladic figurine drawing with colour decoration

3/3 Groups of figures

Cycladic figurine. Early Cycladic period (2800-2300 BCE) Marble (National Archaeological Museum, Athens)

They ...

4/4 Male figurines

Greek Cycladic Sculpture

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The so-called “Keros Hoard” is an enigmatic group of Early Cycladic artifacts said to come from the site of Kavos on the now uninhabited islet of Keros, ...

Female Figure (From the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston)

late Early Cycladic I-Early Cycladic II Marble height with harp 111/2 in. (29.21 cm) (The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York)

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Antiquities/Cycladic: Reclining Female Figures | • / The "Unofficial" Blog of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

Geometric Art

Greek Cycladic Sculpture

How Cycladic Sculpture Influenced Modern Art, from Brancusi to Modigliani - Artsy

For me ...

Early Cycladic sculpture comprises predominantly female figures that range from simple modification of the stone to

Female Figure (From the Menil Collection)

Image is loading Ancient-Greece-Aegean-Islands-Early-Cycladic -Sculpture-Sculptor-

Female mable figurine from Naxos, Plastiras type (EC I, 3200–2800 BC; Ashmolean Museum, Oxford)


Cycladic Figurine c. 2400 BCE


Cyclades Cyclades

Fertility Goddess, Chalcolithic from Cyprus 3000-2500 BC. Getty Villa, Pacific Palisades

History. Cycladic marble figurine ...

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4/4 Male figurines

The starting points were the first anthropomorphic sculptures from Neolithic mainland greece and the Cyclades.

Female Figure with Leg Repair, Early Cycladic 3000-2800 BC. Getty Villa,

2/2 Azurite & vases containing colours

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Cyclades Cyclades


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... Click to enlarge image Cycladic_Museum_4.jpg ...

Cycladic Torso of an “Idol”

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Head of a Female Figure (From the Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Aulos Player, Cyclades

Ancient Greek Sculpture

The Parthenon Sculptures

Head of a Large Female Figure, Early Cycladic 2600-2500 BC. Getty Villa

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... Terracotta jar ...

... arms on protruding belly (pregnant?), emphasis on triangle in pubic area • Dead were barely buried with costly offerings, like the statuettes

Portable Antiquity Collecting and Heritage Issues: German Museum Returns Two Greek Antiquities