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British sarcasm reddit

British sarcasm reddit


British sarcasm ...


The Scots don't really like the English ...

Because English comes from America ...

Classic British sarcasm.

LanguageTelling the English ...

Sarcasm is the hardest subject these days ...

UK rappers bringing the heat ...


Found another #TRUEGAMER under a post about a WW2 VR game made by the BBC ( british broadcasting CUCKS) ...

British humour at its finest.

The original post had tyred as a pun in the title so I corrected with the American spelling, you could smell my sarcasm[woooosh] ...

Reddit/TacoTweets/kittylicker. "



And when they discovered the way some English words are pronounced makes no sense to the point of despair.

Screengrab via Reddit Imgur


And when they realized English is quite a violent language, too.

Reddit has a brand new layout and people are furious about it | Metro News


Reddit has tried stricter moderation policies before, with inconclusive results

Disgruntled employee writes sarcastic resignation letter to boss | resignation | Resignation letter, Quitting job, Employee resignation letter

Honesty is the belt policy: The post has divided Reddit users and hundreds have taken

The Difference Between American and British Humour

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Here Are Reddit's Whiniest, Most Low-Key Toxic Subreddits

4. When they couldn't decide whether it's tomato or tomato.

How Charlottesville forced Reddit to clean up its act

Censorship of Cryptocurrency Discussions on Reddit Gets Kafkaesque - Bitcoin News

Reddit has changed its layout and people are not happy (Picture: NUV


Now, the fourth commenter, “the-b-side,” is incorrect in calling the original post satire. Although, like sarcasm, satire can sting, satire is a genre, ...

17 Times British Tumblr Roasted The Absolute Shit Out Of Everyone | britain | Pinterest | British, British people and Sarcasm

Reddit user writes incredibly sarcastic resignation letter to boss | Daily Mail Online

This Reddit user teased: "Checking my son's homework when suddenly..."

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Why does the European Union exist, anyway?

When you travel to Britain ...

The Awesome Guide to Reddit reddit 1

The post baffled Reddit users, who didn't think it was a good representation of British food

Reddit user data compromised in sophisticated hack

A beginner's guide to British humor

4 in 10 people are worried about multiculturalism. A thread on Reddit takes a more positive view. British flag

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Another Reddit user previously shared a snap of the British section in the world foods aisle of a supermarket in Denmark

Why do the British say 'sorry' so much?

This kid really stopped caring about multiplication tables. magnesiumm/ Reddit

How and when to send sarcastic emails and texts, according to science

Reddit user's photos show 'breathtaking' Saskatchewan sights

reddit tinder


Brit Humour: 30 Things British People Say Vs What They Actually Mean – Graphic

car humor joke

pickup line

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At the Reddit HQ:

#meme #memes #humor

308 Times People Had The Best Answers To Questions On Reddit

YouGov survey: British sarcasm 'lost on Americans'

The Reddit comments were a mix of helpful and sarcastic, including some who confirmed the

Now Britain may not be part of that discussion.

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Reddit is very, very gigantic. It's about 100 times big than the sites before, Hacker News and Product Hunt. Reddit is the mainstream launching platform ...

It's all in the spelling.

Top most reddit dank memes Top most reddit dank memes

Reddit home page

"An accurate depiction of mornings in our household as drawn by my six year old," this Reddit user said.

18. Son: Where are my sunglasses? Dad: I don't know...where are my dad glasses?


Reddit Place (/r/place) - FULL 72h (90fps) TIMELAPSE

Quite often absent minded native English speakers will make sarcastic or intentionally stupid statements in order to entertain themselves and others.

The display has been mercilessly mocked by British Reddit users, who sarcastically joked that it was a 'glorious representation of the UK'

Censorship of Cryptocurrency Discussions on Reddit Gets Kafkaesque


Still, there's something unnerving about cultivating an online environment in which none of our actions are sincere: a click is an ironic click; ...

space man kids jokes pullquote

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A note apparently written by a doctor in Alberta has gone viral after this photo was posted to Reddit this week. The doctor calls the writing of the note a ...

Screengrab via Reddit Imgur

Translated into English

... Britain's Queen Elizabeth II, background and US President of the United States Donald Trump walk

The person posted the image on Reddit mocking the display set up with a sarcastic comment


Doctor who Funny Memes, Dankest Memes, Funniest Memes, Meme Meme, It's Funny

Two chances to win "Social Psychology - Revisiting the Classic Studies"